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Ultrasound Exams

FAQ’s About your Ultrasound Exam

How long will it take?
Most ultrasound exams require between 15-30 minutes. Depending on the type of exam and the findings, it may require more time.

When will I get the results?
The sonographer is not permitted to give you results. All exams must be reviewed and interpreted by your doctor. If you have an appointment after your exam, your doctor will review your results with you at that time. Otherwise, the doctor or medical assistant will call you with the results.

Will I get pictures of my baby?
Absolutely! The sonographer will do her best to provide you with a few keepsake photos.

Can I find out the sex of my baby?
We will do our best to determine your baby’s gender. However, sometimes we cannot determine gender due to the baby’s position. For insurance and ethics reasons, we cannot perform a repeat ultrasound unless medically indicated.

Can I take video and pictures during the ultrasound?
Unfortunately, per office policy, we cannot allow cameras or video cameras in the ultrasound room. You will be provided with photos of your baby during the exam.

Can I bring my family to the exam?
Please limit your guests to close family members only, and they need to arrive by your scheduled appointment time. Our ultrasound room is small, and we want you to have the best medical exam possible free from distraction. We also ask that children under 5 are accompanied by another adult.

Do you do 3D/4D ultrasound entertainment packages (also called keepsake fetal imaging)?
We do not.  We are accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) to perform medical ultrasound. The AIUM strongly discourages entertainment ultrasound and only allows ultrasound for medical reasons.