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Obstetrical Care

ultrasoundYour obstetric care will consist of an initial visit followed by return visits at appropriate intervals this depends upon the stage of your pregnancy and the presence or absence of risk factors or complications. There will be a history and physical examination performed during the initial visit. For uncomplicated pregnancies subsequent visits will consist of evaluating uterine size and fetal growth, listening to the baby’s heart beat, blood pressure and urine checks, and an opportunity for you to ask questions and express any concerns you might have. Prenatal blood work will be drawn during one of your early visits and redrawn occasionally during your pregnancy. When you are within a few weeks of your due date a pelvic exam will be performed weekly to assess the status of the cervix and the position of the baby.

We will see you every four weeks in the early months of your pregnancy, then every 2-3 weeks beginning around seven months. The last month you will be seen approximately once a week. You may occasionally see our nurse practitioner for routine checks if your pregnancy is proceeding normally and your obstetrician is not readily available.

We respect your time. We appreciate that you have a busy and full schedule and will do everything to avoid prolonged waits when you come to your appointments. Of course, obstetrics is a highly unpredictable specialty and emergencies and deliveries have a way of happening at the most inopportune times. If you doctor is detained with a delivery or surgery we will be as flexible as possible in providing you with options to complete your scheduled appointment.