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It is helpful to preregister with the hospital prior to your delivery.  You can access The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center’s preregistration process by clicking here.



Every pregnancy is different and therefore each woman’s labor and delivery must be managed on an individual basis. At Associates in Women’s Care we believe that pregnancy and delivery are natural processes.  We will support you if you desire to have “Natural Childbirth” without the use of pain medicine. For those who desire pain relief, excellent options are available to lessen the discomfort of labor and delivery.

Fetal heart rate monitoring is used throughout labor to ensure the baby’s well-being. For uncomplicated labors an intermittent fetal monitoring protocol is available so that women can be up and about as they feel able. For labors that are induced or complicated, or for patients who choose to have an epidural, continuous fetal monitoring is employed to keep a close eye on the baby’s condition.

An episiotomy is an incision made at the lowermost portion of the vaginal opening to provide more room for the delivery of the baby. Episiotomies are no longer performed routinely but rather only if needed to hasten the delivery of a baby that is stressed or if a woman is unable to overcome the resistance of these tissues with her own pushing efforts. Not having an episiotomy does not mean you won’t need any stitches as often natural lacerations occur during the birthing process that require suturing. All suture material used will dissolve gradually during healing.